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29 September 2023

Welcome to the fun-filled world of live casinos, where the adrenaline rush of Vegas meets the convenience of your living room! Think about it: real human dealers, real-time action, and you’re right in the middle of it all from the comfort of your home. Live casinos are no ordinary online game; it’s as real as it gets without stepping foot in a physical casino.

But let’s be honest, winning is only part of the fun. The other half? Getting hold of those winnings. That’s where selecting the right payment provider becomes crucial. It’s not just about the game itself; it’s also, about how you can cash out your earnings. Speaking of which, we’re here to review one of the most popular payment options in New Zealand- POLi.

Best Live Casinos In New Zealand That Accept Poli

Slots Palace

WELCOME BONUS – Up to €1,000 in 3 bonuses
DEPOSIT (Min) – €19

Stay Casino

WELCOME BONUS – Up to €1,000 and free spins in 6 bonuses
DEPOSIT (Min) – €10

Zoome Casino

WELCOME BONUS – Up to €500 and free spins in three-tier bonuses
DEPOSIT (Min) – €20

POLi – Brand Overview

POLi is a respected payment service that has gained quite a following among live casino enthusiasts. With POLi you can easily transfer funds directly from your Internet Banking portal to businesses, including well-known live casinos like Zoome, Slots Palace and Stay Casino.

One of the standout features of POLi is its commitment, to security. They prioritize user privacy by not storing information and regularly conduct security assessments to ensure they meet the standards. POLi is an option for those who may hesitate to use their credit or debit cards or prefer making online payments. Its setup process is quick, and it offers relatively low transaction fees. Plus, there’s readily available support to assist you anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, this payment solution is also trusted by some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, like World Remit, Moola, Air New Zealand, and PB Tech, to name a few.

Traditional Casino Transactions Vs. POLi Transactions

When comparing POLi transactions to traditional methods, you’ll notice that POLi provides an efficient alternative. Traditional methods often come with high fees and slower processing times.

  • Direct Online Payment: It’s understandable that not everyone feels comfortable using their credit or debit cards for transactions. This is where direct online payment options, like POLi come in handy.
  • Trustworthy and Quick: With POLi, users can make payments swiftly and confidently via their online banking account. It’s a reliable service that earns users’ trust by delivering fast and hassle-free transactions, which is essential in live casinos’ fast-paced world.
  • Easy Setup and Low Fees: Getting started with POLi is a breeze. You can set up your account and get started in as little as 24 hours. Moreover, POLi boasts some of the lowest transaction fees in New Zealand, making it an economically smart choice for casino goers.
  • Free Support: The platform offers free video consultations with payment experts.

Deposit Money To Your Live Casino With POLi

  • Step 1: Visit the deposit page on your chosen casinos website.
  • Step 2: Select POLi as your payment method.
  • Step 3: Log in to your POLi account using your login credentials.
  • Step 4: Enter the desired deposit amount. Click on the confirmation button.

That’s it! Your funds will be deposited into your casino account seamlessly using POLi.

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